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Friday, 12 November 2010

the wrong mix!

Giving cocktails a bad name. So, what do you make of this character on the left? Not much point venturing a comment on the other guy – he's dead. Murdered by the chap on the left. Sex slave, he was ... the dead guy. You might think the smirking murderer a right bastard. And in sentiment you'd be right. But in reality he's a Saudi prince. A sod, certainly – as in sodomite, though I've no argument with that. But this guy, on account of being the grandson of the King of Saudi Arabia, thought he could claim diplomatic immunity and escape prosecution for the murder of the poor chap on the right, namely his slave. A medieval concept, still much loved apparently by rich bastards from Saudi Arabia – sorry a prince. Before his boss totally lost the plot and gave his slave a horrific and fatal beating, some of which was captured on CCTV in the 5-star London hotel they were staying in, the pair enjoyed a huge cocktail for two – it looks big enough to swim in, and, in truth, the big guy doesn't really look as if he is enjoying it. But thanks to good old British legal system, it was a Shakespearean case of Good Night Sweet Prince – and not so sweet at that.
But as the little sod does his best to give cocktails a bad name, the civilised rest of us know better: It's Friday, so what do you do? Why, pour yourself – and your loving partner of whatever persuasion suits your fancy – a cool cocktail, in my case a bone dry martini, connect to iPlayer on your computer and click on the latest episode of Mad Men. The haunting musical intro floods the brain ... take a sip of martini and float into paradise. Not the paradise the poor sex slave went to, of course, but that more earthly, intoxicating state. Bastard.

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