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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

At last...

After a lengthy period of refurbishment, the fabulous Central Hotel in Glasgow has reopened. And at last there is at least one spot in town where you can get a decent cocktail. Do tell me of others, PLEASE. There are plenty masquerading as cocktail bars, but few – that I've been to anyway, and I have tried – really know what they are about. But the Central Hotel, which has wisely retained many of its best features, now boasts a champagne bar where it's possible to purchase champagne by the glass. Something one might think possible in the bar at the Theatre Royal on opera or ballet occasions. But you'd be wrong. A whole bottle or nothing. Still, the beautiful Central Hotel knows better, and at £6 a pop for the house champers, is very reasonable.
This sounds like an advert for the place in question, and I'm sure it doesn't require me to give it a free plug. Yet credit where it's due. Even the strange wee statue standing guard outside on  the corner of Gordon Street and Hope Street looks pleased.

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