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Monday, 15 September 2014


My dear friend Boo is something of an aficionado in pleasure-related pursuits.   
    Especially if they’re related to Manhattan – hence her e-notebook – a must for those interested in what’s going down downtown.
    She’s full of surprises – that’s possibly why they call her Boo – and recently told me that cocktails were once served in cups in the speakeasies as a disguise during that singularly unsuccessful experiment, Prohibition, so raiding cops would think the patrons were drinking coffee or tea.
    Aye, right, as the Scots among us are wont to mention.
    Whatever your response, the notion of a cocktail in a cup is quite enticing and, after seeking some advice from the aforesaid Boo, I sought out the Royal Doulton. She prefers Limoges china, but when the devil drives etc….
    So here it is – and looking more like afternoon tea than afternoon tea. Even the accompanying caviar blinis look jolly pleased to be in the frame.

Vesper Cocktail

(To give the tea colour to the cocktail I’ve added a little extra bitters.)

2 measures vodka
1 measure gin
½ measure dry vermouth
Dash of orange bitters
Dash of  aromatic bitters
Splash of angostura bitters

Drop a few ice cubes into a shaker
Add the ingredients
Give it a plentiful shake

Serve with a slice of lemon in your best china teacups. 

    So, if this is prohibition, bring it on.
    But perhaps avoid the following sort of thing....

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