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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


So, you're after a healthy lifestyle. What, after years of neglect? I'll give you some tips – provided you don't report me to the Ministry of Health.
And this, as you might imagine, is a fun route to fitness, assuming that, by fitness, you mean fitness of the intellect.
Alors, you've heaved your wretched frame out of bed ... then do pour – and don't forget to drink – a glass of decent fruit juice. (Not that horrible, cheap concentrate rubbish). Then munch a handful of blueberries, assuming you can get them past your remonstrating gullet.
At lunch, accompany your brie de meaux with your customary glass of burgundy or whatever. But how about being a bit radical for a change? Have a grape with it. White or red will do. Peeled or otherwise.

Come evening, when you're about to serve your oysters, you'll have some finely chopped shallots in balsamic vinegar ready for garnishing purposes.

And not long before that, at cocktail hour, why not try a frozen banana daiquiri ... that's the very thing on the right of the picture below... the other, under the orange parasol, not to mention the breathtaking smile, is a cosmopolitan. More of that on another day...

Not only are you having fun, but it transpires that your cocktail is one of your five a day. Sorted! 

Not that it did Fredo of Godfather fame much good, despite his love of the banana daiquiri as witnessed in the Cuba scenes. Michael saw though his brother but it was tough.
"Fredo, you broke my heart."

Banana daiquiri
Peel a ripe banana and stick it in the blender
Batter half a dozen ice cubes then slam them into the blender
3 fl oz white rum
1 fl oz triple sec
Juice of half lemon
1/2 fl oz sugar syrup
Give it a good old whizz then pour
If you're lucky you might get 4 small measures
Some say stick a maraschino cherry on a cocktail stick and garnish the drink with it

I say: Hold the cherry: it would amount to another fruit/veg item and five is plenty. You can be merry without a cherry, especially the maraschino variety. Ugh.
So, as the Mikado might have sung when referring to the frozen banana daiquiri –
"A source of innocent merriment, of innocent merriment."


  1. One of my five a day? I will have to keep that in next time i'm drinking cocktails! :D

  2. You cannae beat a healthy option – as Rabbie Burns once said